Student Category

Aktan Acar
(Assistant Professor, TOBB ETU, Department of Architecture)

He received his bachelor's degree in 2000 and his master's degree in 2003 from METU Department of Architecture.

In 2004, completed M.Arch in Advanced Studies in Architecture Program at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) Department of Architecture.

Continued PhD in Educational Psychology program at Ankara University. Earned his PhD degree at Çankaya University in 2015.

He participated in the Child and Architecture studies of TMMOB Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, and became a participant and coordinator in national and international workshops.

Conducted the research and compilation of the initial collection of the METU Science and Technology Museum.

Gave lectures at Gazi University and Çankaya University Architecture Departments.

Since 2016, Full time Assistant Professor at the TOBB ETU Department of Architecture. Running the Basic Design Studio. Previously, run architectural expression, expression and presentation techniques courses.

He has received degrees, honorable mentions and purchasing awards from national and international architectural project competitions with different teams.

He works on the use of neuropsychological tests, virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies to monitor the visual-spatial perception and skills of architecture students. Continuing his research on the effective use of game-based learning environments and game platforms such as Minecraft Education Edition in architectural design education, Acar conducts climate change workshops where he brings university and primary school students together.

Aktan Acar, who was the Secretary Member of the 1927 74th Term Board of the Architects Association, is a Vitruvius researcher and a reader of De Architectura.

Prof.Dr. Ece Ceylan Baba
(Dean, Prof. Dr. Yeditepe University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture)

Ece Ceylan Baba completed her undergraduate education at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Department of Architecture, her graduate education at Yeditepe University Architecture Department, and her doctorate degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Architecture Design Problems Program.

Ece Ceylan Baba, who became an associate professor in 2016 and a professor in 2021, is a faculty member at Yeditepe University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture. She has been the Head of the Department of Architecture at the same university since May 2017 and the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture since July 2021.

In the academic field, she works on architectural utopias and dystopias, high construction, globalization, user participation, environmental and urban psychology, housing typologies and the concept of loft; she continues her research, research and publications in these fields.

She has three books titled Architectural Utopias in Search of the Ideal City (December 2020), Design Democracy and Istanbul (September 2012) and Loft: Loft Architecture in the Transition Process from Modernism to Postmodernism and Its Reflections in Istanbul (April 2015).

In addition to her academic studies, Ece Ceylan Baba, who continues her professional career as the founding partner of Baba Architecture, is a Member of the Board of Directors at the non-governmental organizations IMSAD and TUCSA.

Sertaç Ersayın
(Industrial Designer)

Mr. Ersayin graduated from  METU Faculty of Architecture, Dept. of Industrial Design and Koç University MBA. He worked as an Industrial Designer and Project Developer, Design Manager and Design Director at Engineering, Technology and Product Development Developments at different managerial levels and later worked in China and HK as the Far East Director. Ersayın, who later served as the Vice President of Design and Innovation at Kale Group, took part in developing systems and products in the fields of holistic bathroom projects, coating materials and furniture, in addition to his experience in white goods, small household goods and consumer products. He still provides consultancy and design development services in many different areas of design in his firm, which he is the founder of. He also believes in the driving force of design in the process of local and national development and its power that focuses other disciplines on a common goal and sticks them together like glue. Ersayın, who also works for the creation of design strategies within the national development policies, has worked with the Chinese Government and Local Administrations for about 2 years and has undertaken tasks in the Made in China and Designed in China transition process of China.

Ersayın, who has duties in many national and international committees, think tanks and commissions, conveys what he knows to the business world and students through conferences, speeches and workshops in various cities of the world, and continues to learn from them, and draws attention to the problems of the use of limited resources of our world and the aging population. He serves as a board member of WDO (World Design Organization) and president of Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK).

Pınar Gökbayrak
(PAB Architecture, Architect)

She is the co-founder of PAB Architects with her partners Ali Eray and Burçin Yıldırım since 2007. After completing her secondary education in Üsküdar American Academy, she graduated from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 2004. During her undergraduate years, she studied in Eindhoven Technical University. She conducted her postgraduate studies at Istanbul Technical University and was awarded with her thesis by Architecture Foundation in 2nd Architectural Researches Anthology.

Besides her awards in national and international competitions, her articles and projects are published in various architectural magazines and books. She is also the recipient of Arkitera Young Architect Award in 2015. She was invited to “Architects Meet in Fuori” presentations in 13th Venice Architecture Biennale. She was the editor-in-chief of Betonart magazine in 2003-2012. She has been a jury member in various universities and lectured in Osmangazi University and in Istanbul Technical University. She is currently lecturing in Özyeğin University in her design studio. Her main interest areas are innovative learning environments, educational buildings and interdisciplinary approaches.

Şule Koç
(Sule Koc Design, Designer)

Şule Koç graduated from Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Design in 2004. After working as a design director in multidisciplinary design studios for 7 years, she established a design studio under the name of Şule Koç Design, which focuses on product and spatial design. Her designs received international awards such as Red Dot Design Awards and German Design Awards. The studio provides design and design consultancy services to international companies from various industries including furniture, lighting, building elements and transportation. She has been working as a part-time lecturer at Özyeğin University Department of Industrial Design since 2018.

Nilüfer Kozikoğlu
(Urban Atelier – Nilüfer Kozikoğlu Architecture, Architect- Designer)

Nilüfer Kozikoğlu: graduate of Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul, 1995, masters-degree in architecture and urban design from Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London, 2003. She runs her practice at Tuşpa NK agency for architecture, research and production at Urban Atolye.

Designer featured in the Istanbul selection of the Adorno International platform for collectible design, her patent-pending concrete shells system Alveosis in collaboration with Fibrobeton and UA has been presented in IASS, MIT, and Digital Concrete conference, ETH. Selected for the Istanbul-London architectural exchange program by Architecture Foundation, 2009 some of Kozikoğlu’s major projects are German Red Cross Hospital, Masterplan Works for Bakırköy Psychiatry Hospital, IU Hospitals feasibility study, 100-bed Kayseri Psychiatric Hospital. She taught at graduate and undergraduate levels as adjunct professor at KadirHas, İzmir University of Economics, Yıldız and Istanbul Technical Universities, currently holds 4th year studio and seminar course on computational design at Bilgi University. She is coresearcher at the TUBITAK granted Spacechase application for architectural design and gaming co-run by the architectural Department, ITU and Tuşpa. Winner of architectural competition awards, such as the second prize in international Bandırma Design Park Competition, Kozikoglu has exhibited in venues as International Architectural Biennale Antalya, Istanbul Contemporary, Salt, Superstudio MDW and London Design Festival.

Dürrin Süer
(M + D Architecture, Architect)

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Dokuz Eylul University in 1987. She completed her master's and doctoral studies at the same school. Between 1987 and 2007, she worked as a lecturer at DEU Faculty of Architecture. Since 2007, she has worked as a full-time architect at M plus D Architecture, of which she is a founding partner. In the process, the team was deemed worthy of the 13th National Architecture Building Award and the 5th Turgut Cansever International Architecture Special Award. She has also received various awards in national architectural competitions. She has written articles in various journals, participates in many events as a speaker, works as a studio director in architecture schools and is a jury member in competitions.


Professional Category

Dr. Onurcan Çakır
(Onurcan Çakır Architecture, Architect)

Onurcan Çakır was born in İstanbul and he graduated from İstanbul Erkek Lisesi. He received his B.Arch. (2009) and M.Sc. (2012) degrees from İTÜ. During his master studies about Architectural Acoustics at İTÜ in Environmental Control and Construction Technologies Programme, he spent one year at Vienna University of Technology - Department of Building Science and Technology for academic purposes. Between 2012 and 2018, he worked at İYTE - Department of Architecture as research assistant. in 2019, he received his PhD degree about architectural acoustics from İYTE. His study topics are acoustic comfort, room acoustics, noise control, soundscapes and architectural design. Since 2018, he has been working as a part-time Lecturer Dr. in İzmir University of Economics, and teaching architectural acoustics elective course and 3rd year architectural project studio. His built architectural project Barbaros House was selected for Turkey's Architecture Anthology 2015, awarded the Jury's Special Award in 4th İzmir Architecture Awards (2017) and exhibited in the "Housing Construction in Turkey: Contemporary Tendencies and The Traces of Modernism" exhibition in Berlin Chamber of Architects (2019). He was selected for “GEMSS’21 Emerging Architects Selection & Exhibition” in 2021. He is continuing his professional architectural practice with his office in Urla.

Yelin Evcen
(Gönye Design, Architect)

Architect Yelin Evcen, who studied at the ITU Faculty of Architecture after graduating from the Private Turkish College in Izmir, has been involved in the design and implementation of various residential and office projects in her professional life, which she has pursued in the field of interior design since 1997. After completing many successful projects in the company he established with his partners in 2004, he ended his partnership with this company and established Goenye Proje Tasarım Mimarlık Ltd. Şti.ni with interior designer Goenuel Ardal.

Together with his partner and more than twenty employees of Goenye Tasarım, they designed the interior architecture of numerous branded luxury homes, offices and showrooms. Within the framework of Branded Housing Projects, which they have chosen as their specialty, they designed and created all the interiors of nearly one hundred large-scale projects, from sales offices to community spaces, from apartment types to social facilities, and they won many international awards.

Yelin Evcen, who is an advocate for the industry as a speaker at college committees and conferences as well as a jury member at various events, has lectured at Bahçeşehir College for one semester. Yelin Evcen, who is married with one child, enjoys traveling, being in nature, working independently of time and place, and producing with a focus on development. She emphasizes approaching events objectively, analyzing and working as part of a team. Values communication, supports positive change, believes in lifelong development.

H. Demir Obuz
(demirden | ilio, Designer)

After he established Demirden with Mehtap Obuz and Sema Obuz, Demir Obuz graduated from the Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul in 1996. With Demirden, he has worked on various design projects such as product, exhibition, retail design and branding. He was the Board Member of the Industrial Designers Society of Turkey between 2004 and 2006 and continues his membership.

In 2008 he established the ilio brand together with his partners. His design ‘twig’ beech wood stool, designed for ilio, has been granted the iF Gold award, which was a first for Turkey. Many designs of Demir Obuz has been recognized with Design Plus, Design Defined, Red Dot: product design and EDIDA tableware & accessories category (Turkey) awards. Currently he is the design director of Demirden and ilio. He also is a speaker for design seminars and events.

Felekşan Onar
(Fy-Shan Glass Studio, Glass Artist)

Felekşan Onar's works in glass deal with the notions of identity, constructed narratives, historical relations and impacts of politics on society, while drawing on sources from her personal history as well as collective memory. She particularly focuses on the cultural interaction that evolved through the art of glassmaking between different geographies. In Onar’s works she uses several glass-making techniques to present the amazing qualities of the material she has fallen in love with. Each piece reflects her expertise in the glassmaking techniques of blowing, casting and fusing and mirror the sense of lightness and grace by translating the simple and skilfully aesthetic into glass. Producing glass art, to use her own words, “not only expresses my past and present, but also my anxieties and expectations for future. Through glass, I speak, breathe and live.”

Felekşan Onar completed her undergraduate degree in Economics and Music History at Cornell University and further studies at Harvard Business School. She started off in a private atelier and later on received her formal education in glass at Glass Furnace, Istanbul. In 2003, she initiated her own atelier, Fy-Shan Glass Studio that designs and produces limited-edition functional glass art, objects and lighting. In her studio, she collaborates internationally with design brands, architects, interior designers and design galleries to create special collections and commissions.

Recent solo shows include “Perched”, Victoria & Albert Museum, London (2019); “41X”, Palazzo Contarini Polignac, Venice (2018); “Perched. An installation from Felekşan Onar”, Pergamon Museum, Berlin (2018); group exhibitions include “Oh, What a World! What a World!”, New Jersey Visual Arts Center, New York (2018); and “1001 Nights”, Arkas Art Center, Izmir (2018). Her works are included in international collections such as; Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Pergamon Museum (Berlin), and The Finnish Glass Museum (Riihimäki), among others as well as in local and private collections. Onar lives and works in Istanbul.

Enis Öncüoğlu
(Öncüoğlu Architects, Architect)

After graduating from METU Faculty of Architecture as an architect in 1989, EnisÖncüoğlu started working at Öncüoğlu Architecture and became the general manager of the company in 1996 after the death of architect Hasan Öncüoğlu, the founder of the office. He has contributed to the formation of multinational architectural practice by establishing offices in places such as Moscow, Dubai and Tashkent. EnisÖncüoğlu has been a jury member as well as receiving awards in many national and international competitions and shares his experiences in architecture and real estate by participating in many national and international conferences such as MAPIC, MIPIM, ProEstate, ARKIPARC as a speaker. EnisÖncüoğlu's membership in TMMOB Chamber of Architects, TSMD (Turkish Association of Freelance Architects), TMMMB (Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects Association) and OMIM (METU Faculty of Architecture Alumni Association) Board Memberships, AMPD (Shopping Centers and Retailers Association) and ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) memberships. Öncüoğlu is also among the founders of TSMD Ankara Architecture Center. He has made it a curiosity to reflect the places, details and people around him with photography from his own frame. He created the "Architectural Portraits" exhibition by blending his passion for photography with architecture. He now lives in Istanbul with the increase in the activities of Öncüoğlu Architecture Istanbul Office.



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