Terms of Participation

The conditions of eligibility for the Award, which is open to citizens of the Republic of Turkey and the TRNC, are as follows:

General Requirements

  1. Not be a partner, assistant, or first-degree relative of any of the jury members.
  2. Not be involved in any phase of jury service.
  3. Not having a first-degree relative of a person/persons working in the Association giving the award.
  4. Not having a first-degree relative of a person/persons working in the Board of Administration and Supervision of the Association giving the award.
  5. There is no age restriction for participants.
  6. The condition of "originality" is expected for each project participating in the award. The members of the jury or the staff and managers of the Association are not obliged to verify the originality of the projects submitted. If a contrary fact is established and approved by the majority of the jury members, the project in question and, if applicable, the other applications of the institutions applying for the prize with this project, will be excluded from the scope of the prize (during the award phases) (if this happens after the award ceremony, the prize will be cancelled), and if they have a prize, it will be withdrawn.

The above points apply to applicants for all product groups and categories.

Special Conditions for Corporate Category

  1. Companies in the Ceramic, Glass, Cement industries are eligible to apply for the award.
  2. Manufacturing companies producing in all three sectors can participate institutionally in the prize. To apply for the award, a registration certificate with wet signature must be submitted by the authorized person of the institution. The entire responsibility for the prior registration of the product, nomination for the prize and exhibition lies with the company. The administration, jury and organizing committee of the prize do not take any responsibility for the intellectual and industrial rights of the participating product in this permission to participate.


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